Gallery Openings

Hey guys! If you’re in the ‘Ville this time around, you should check out a couple of cubby holes that encompass all that is good about Louisville–that is, wonder, depth of thought, and eclecticism.

Head out to Gallery K and Creative Diversity Studio & Gallery, where it’s all happening. The shows, “Our Voices, Our Stories,” and “A Spark of Madness” are, as the curator and owner of Gallery K said, “powerful.”


They began today, the 25th, and they end at the finale of October, so get on over there! :)

P.S. If you venture over to Gallery K, try the bourbon vanilla rooibos tea; it’s pretty spot on.

Have a great weekend,


“A Face to Face”

I got called a pirate before my Senior show in May of this year.

Taylor Beisler art show

I should’ve worn boots to this event. At first, I wasn’t too sure if being a “pirate” was a good thing. I think it is, actually…this word, upon greater investigation (i.e. the Oxford English Dictionary and his brothers, thusly named Thesaurus, etcetera) means one who attacks an experiment like there’s plunder to be had. Obviously, this is the synopsis of what I’ve found, but I think the idea works.

Taylor Beisler art show

Upon further investigation and setting up my work for the show in May, I found that being a pirate means to be on a sea you know only superficially–you sail it and fight it sometimes, but your boat’s usually (and hopefully) on top of the water. I think what my current situation allows, that is, being an artist in the world of professional jobs (and yes, hired for being such–an artist) is actually going deeper than the surface.

So, what does that mean? Well, it means a great deal to me right now. It means becoming more than what we commonly mean by the word, “artist.” At this point in time, I am growing in my opinion of what an artist is and should be, of what I am and should be. And, I’m not finished growing up yet ;) I think, though, that being an artist requires a little of being a pirate and a lot of being a scuba diver. That is, it takes imagination and know-how . . . ideas and the ability to put them into society in order to create  betterment.

So, here is my start:
Taylor Beisler art show

Taylor Beisler

Taylor Beisler Senior Show - I Wanted to Shower for a Thousand Years
Taylor Beisler

Taylor Beisler

Being an artist requires some adventure, I think.

(Above–me looking at my self; yes–the cutesy metaphors can stop here.) This show was taken down June 2015 at the Cressman in Louisville, KY. Hope you’re interested so far. I’m doing more thinking, designing, and arting. Keep a lookout–us pirates are inventive ;)

In the studio

So, there’s this part in life . . . when life is hard.

But, that doesn’t mean beauty exists elsewhere.


I believe that things that are hard can be most beautiful when handled the right way.


So, it’s another long night in the studio space, that wall of paper looking into my face, saying, “Do something,” and . . . this is where I talk to my art. Yes, I am not normal, but I think that has pretty much been established by this point. So, I say, “Fine . . . come alive for me,” as I press the graphite into the little hairs on the head I’m drawing.


I draw to bring things to life. And, I wonder sometimes what the point is . . . because life is hard. And, the world tries to knock the vision you had of beauty out of you. But, what if . . . there’s something resilient about that vision that the world just can’t conquer . . . because it’s Divine?


I make art out of the hardest things people go through. Why? Because, I believe there is something deeper in what we don’t desire to face. At the same time, where we don’t want to go can bring so much meaning when we actually investigate the scars of our lives in order to live out of those places . . . I mean, to unwrap the terrible situations to the core and find that there’s a beautiful thing beating inside that limited moment on our timeline. That beautiful thing is you, at your essence.


And, who are you? Well . . . that is a deep question. People debate these things on Facebook, you know ;)


To give you where I’m coming from–My brain is done this month. It took me a good minute to find the word “grocery” in that bundle of cluttered thoughts today, sorting through “theatre,” “cafeteria,” and “Come on, brain.” Seriously . . . a simple word. I called a cookie a coconut today, and I’ve had a migraine for a week and a half, but I know in the middle of that there’s more important things. So, if you’re reading this right now, which I know you are, because you’re nosy, and I like that about you . . . then know that you are a little messy, a whole lot of loved. And, who are you? You are a masterpiece. This is the point. This is why I draw.


Because a lot of the time, people, we, look over the things that are most important. Yes, money and a job are up there, but never on earth is there something more important than a human. We don’t have to be “ready” for life in order to jump in and get messy with it and all kinds of vulnerable. YES–We will screw up, and we will probably doubt and try to figure out who we are and where we’re going and freak out a little along the way.


But, why not? The opposite would be the worst life. I’d argue that it wouldn’t be life. Pain happens. Glory is fleeting. Materials are ephemeral. Figuring out that life is an art, a journey, to figure out what is meaningful and what doesn’t need to be stressed about . . . figuring out, for me anyway, that who I am is wrapped up in what I have experienced, is the point.


I am God’s art. That means I don’t have to worry about what other people think, if they love me, if they want me even, if they support me, if they applaud me, if I can rival someone by the amount of lightbulbs my brain can power . . . I don’t have to worry about the ifs. Because there are too many of them to solve and puzzle through, and what a waste it would be to sit here stunned by all of them and miss the day I’m alive.


I am God’s art indeed. His love. The reason He made a point to get down here and cause a ruckus and get messy with His love for me. Because, you know what, world? I’m worth every drop of that love. And, you know what, you? You are too.


Long night ahead. Please give a moment to think about how brilliant you were created to be by a Master Artist that knows exactly what He’s doing . . .


BFA Reviews

Hey guys! If you’re interested (and in Louisville, KY, near the University of Louisville), I am giving my BFA presentation of A Face to Face on:
Friday, November 21, at 10:30-11:00 @ the University of Louisville’s Schneider Hall Gallery. The Hite Art Institute faculty will be grilling me with questions, and you are more than welcome to come and support!